Clarifying Foam Cleanser


Dispensing just the right amount of balance of chemically exfoliating actives to gently cleanse the skin while removing dirt, makeup, and oil in a distinctly effervescent foaming texture. Cleans as it softens leaving a cool fresh sensation.

Directions for use:Wet face with warm water. Dispense Foam a walnut sized amount into your hand and massage onto your face in a circular motion. Use caution around eye area. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz

Why it’s different

All-Powerful Acid

Thanks to its ingenious use of Glycolic, Clarifying Foam Cleanser helps to reach deep into the skin, removing excess oil which often clogs pores. It also exfoliates dead skin cells, which helps stimulate the growth of new skin cells.

Foaming Effervescence

Clarifying Foam Cleanser delivers the benefits of glycolic acid with a foaming texture that works its way deeper into the skin for a thorough cleansing and fresh sensation.

Unrivaled Efficacy

Each ingredient is used in its most effective form and was specifically selected for its ability to affect real results within the skin.

Key Benefits

  • Cleanses and tones
  • Removes waterproof makeup
  • Softens and nourishes
  • Removes excess oil
  • Hydrates dry skin

Skin Concerns

  • Oil prone skin
  • Skin dehydration

How It Works

Alpha Hydroxy Acids are a group of natural acids found in various foods. The Clarifying Foam Cleanser from PRFX utilizes Glycolic Acid derived from sugar cane. Glycolic acid is a miracle ingredient for oily and problematic skin types to exfoliate over time. This is a much gentler and easier way to exfoliate as opposed to using harsh scrubs that may irritate sensative skin types.

Key Ingredients

Glycolic Acid

Glycolic Acid is the smallest Alpha Hydroxy Acid in molecular size allowing it to quickly penetrate the first layer of skin and regenerate new skin cells at an accelerated pace.

Botanical Extracts

Citus Grapefruit Extract is very high in antioxidants. helps protect the skin from environmental damage and defend the skin from further reactions to bacteria. Olive oil breaks down dirt and oil residue on the skin while leaving the skin nourished and calm.

Rose Hip Seed Oil

Rose Hip Seed Oil is rich in Vitamin C and helps to brighten areas of scarring and hyperpigmentation on the skin to reveal an overall even complexion.

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